The Differences Between Developing and Developed Countries

Developing economies are postindustrial and in the western hemisphere. These economies have higher human development indexes and are considered developed. There are a few key differences between developing and developed countries. Here’s a brief overview of the differences: Developed countries have higher human development indexes The Human Development Index, or HDI, measures a country’s progress … Read more

What Brazil is famous for

The Amazon forests for which Brazil is famous : Brazil is famous for containing a large part of an estimated 60% of the Amazon forest, which is the largest forest in the world, with a total area of 2.6 million mi2. these forests extend across nine countries, including Brazil. these vast forests are home to … Read more

Italy’s most famous landmarks

Monuments Colosseum Colosseum, or rome’s flavor amphitheater, is one of Italy’s most famous landmarks, a giant Roman amphitheater built by emperors during the years (70-72) under Emperor Vespasian, who gave it as a gift. For Romanians, it opened nearly a decade after its construction and saw the opening of a great celebration of Emperor Titus, … Read more

The ten most beautiful countries in the world

In your opinion what is the most beautiful country in the world? A controversial topic guaranteed to spark thought and possibly heated debate. Read on to discover the most beautiful countries in the world.Every country in the world has its own distinctive local cuisine, pioneering architecture, Customs and traditions, and much, much more. But it … Read more