10 Mysterious Corners of Our Planet

Travel enthusiasts are well aware of all the main attractions offered by famous tourist destinations. Anyone can visit these places to see them with their own eyes. But there are other corners of the earth: patches, for one reason or another, are still banned for ordinary viewers. We’ve recently learned about some of these really … Read more

The most beautiful gardens in the world

Garden The garden is a kindergarten containing a collection of plants and trees and collected gardens, and the caliph Abdul Rahman al-Dakhil is the first to convey the idea of gardens to the continent of Europe, and established the first garden in the fifteenth century AD in France, by relying on the supervision and follow-up … Read more

Ranking of the World’s Airports

According to the ranking of the world’s airports, Singapore Changi Airport is the best airport in the world. However, there is some disagreement as to the best airports in other regions, too. The ranking includes both North and South American airports, as well as Hong Kong and Orlando. North America and Europe account for seventeen … Read more

The most beautiful streets in the world

The streets are one of the means of connecting different parts of the city to each other, where there are shops, residential buildings, and various types of facilities on both sides, and these streets may exceed their position from just a means of connecting cities to a tourist destination for many tourists from around the … Read more

The most beautiful forests in the world

The forest The forest is a natural feature that spreads throughout the world, and the forest is a large area of a group of trees scattered all over the world, as well as many species of animals and plants, and each of the world’s forests has its own nature, contributing to the spread of many … Read more